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I am a mother of three little sweeties who I live and breathe for, and wife to my handsome firefighter husband, Jessee, who is my knight in shining bunker gear... My Hero! I am living the dream in our little paradise here on the east coast of Florida. I am so blessed and grateful that I am able to make a living and endulge in the passion I have that is photography.

Photography is part of my fibers... I know this because since I was a child, wherever I am, whatever I witness, and everything I experience in this life.. I can only think of how I can capture it and to keep it forever so i the moments and life that make us feel something can live on each time we look at our photos. This artistic drive has been the rebel in me and what pulled me away from a 9-5 grind that i never felt comfortable with. I decided to go after it 100%.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art with a double major in Photography and Graphic Design from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. I have been shooting professionally ever since and the obsession, vision and drive for it has just continued to grow with my experience and talent. My husband shoots with me as he has gained experience and education right along side of me and has an amazing gift and eye for photography. Jessee and I purchased our studio in June of 2014 in Satellite Beach and now have a beautiful space to create more beautiful imagery and take our business to the next level. Come by and see us! 1680 Highwaty A1A.

To be invited to be a part of the happiest moments in peoples lives is a gift and honor. I am so thankful for this gift!

I look forward to the opportunity of sharing yours with you!

Shannon Perez

Simply In Love Photography

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