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It doesn't take much to press the shutter on the camera.. but to have the emotional response to a moment. and the knowledge, experience, and eye of an artist to capture that moment that turns it into forever, that is what I do. Photographs are supposed to make you wonder, or feel something emotionally, whether it's humor, sadness, or joy. images are our visual history and our evidence of where we've been, who we were, what we've experienced.. and how far we've come. It's what we see when we look back, and what we leave for our children, and generations beyond. This is always on my mind when I shoot, and to make you laugh again, or cry again.. or just remember the feeling again when you see your images, is what I strive for in my photography.

From the beginning when you fall in love.. thru the beauty of a new family being created and the growth in between, I like to be the Life photographer for my clients.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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